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This collection of inspiring kitchen posters contains paintings and illustrations created as a tribute to global cuisine, cooking, the food experiences that bring us together and the places it can take us. 

Our kitchen posters come in different sizes, styles, and colors. Find stylish kitchen wall art with text or a classic kitchen poster–we've got you covered with something that suits you and your kitchen. 

Explore our kitchen art and pair it with your personal wall art & poster style

Give your kitchen personality with our collection of downloadable gallery-quality kitchen art, inspired by global cuisine, shared food experiences and travel memories. Whether you're preparing meals or hosting friends and whānau, our collection of posters and prints adds character to your home. Explore our range of kitchen artwork to find pieces that reflect your cooking adventures and international flavors. Discover a diverse selection of designs to personalize your kitchen with art that speaks to your style and culinary journey.

Choosing the right art prints for your kitchen

When selecting posters for your kitchen, consider the room's overall look and feel, as well as whether you're aiming for a tranquil atmosphere or a more lively, social setting. To achieve this, begin by focusing on the colors, textures, and materials already present in your kitchen, which will help guide you to posters that harmonize with or enrich the existing decor.

The size of the poster is another crucial aspect; large prints can create a striking focal point, while a collection of smaller ones can be used to create a gallery wall and add dynamic detail to your space. Additionally, the type of lighting in your kitchen plays a key role in how your posters are displayed. Natural light tends to enhance colors and highlight details, while artificial lighting might soften the overall appearance.

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Kitchen Art Prints are a perfect option for those who like to change their artwork and update their walls. We offer a curated and exclusive selection of kitchen art prints and food art from our Global Cuisine collection; a range of minimalist and stylish kitchen prints inspired by travel and the memories of shared food experiences. The collection contains illustrations and information of iconic foods and cocktails from around the world.

Print size matters

Choosing the right size for your wall art is crucial. When you buy physical art prints online you only get one shot at getting it right. Our printable wall art allows you to customize your decor by selecting the perfect dimensions to fit your room. With downloadable art files, you have the flexibility to print your chosen design in a variety of sizes, ensuring a seamless fit with your existing layout and furniture. This adaptability means you can experiment with different placements without committing to a single size or frame style. Digital prints are an affordable and convenient way to refresh your space, offering the freedom to get creative with your wall art.

You've got options: Hang or stand your kitchen art

While hanging art on the wall is the most common display method, there are other creative options. Kitchen Art can stand against a wall or be placed on a picture shelf, adding variety to your kitchen decor. If you have a small kitchen vertical posters give an impression of height and space. Picture shelves are ideal for smaller spaces and offer flexibility if you like to rearrange. Don't forget about unique spots, like by the coffee maker or leaning on a table.